Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting a working gzip

I've previously mentioned that the current version of gzip that ships with Ubuntu 10.04 is broken, among some other distros. I've also mentioned a manual workaround with the gzip recovery tools, but for several reasons (such as not wanting to do the same damn sequence of actions, md5 and sha256 calculations and recipe updating while building things with OpenEmbedded!) one may want to fix those annoying crc error / unexpected end of file error's once and for all.
  1. Download the gzip-1.4 package from here.
  2. Extract into folder of your choice, I used ~/gzip-1.4
  3. Open the terminal and cd into the extraction folder
  4. Run ./configure
  5. Run make
  6. Run sudo make install
And now you have the gzip-1.4 binaries installed on your system, which should take care of the gzip crc errors.

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