Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Report #10

Weekly Report #10
Submitted on 2010-07-26
Covers 2010-07-19 to 2010-07-26

Status and Accomplishments
• the stub generation script (c6runapp-rpcgen) is now in place; provided with a number of C source files it can generate the corresponding GPP and DSP stubs for the functions defined in the given files, thus exposing them via RPC
• the documentation is expanded to include architectural details and will be maintained in the project wiki pages here
• more RPC examples to cover newly added things like stdio.h variadics and functions returning structures
• synchronized branch with the latest C6Run trunk, whose modified build system can create the C6Run libs without having to re-build the dependencies every time - but there are problems

Plans and Tasks
• investigate why the trunk-synced branch errors out on the produced executables ("Bus error", including on the non-RPC examples) and fix this
• experiment with building a bitbake recipe for C6Run to get it built inside OE
• for predefined RPC stubs whose pointer parameters are only "in" (ie, the RPC target won't modify the contents of the memory pointed) implement a mechanism that will allow these parameters to be alloc'd from the DSP stack or heap - having to allocate every little string via rpc_malloc is annoying

Risks, issues, blockers
• it's not clear why the bus errors occur with the latest trunk-synced version but hopefully it'll be something that I overlooked while merging the changes from the trunk, or possibly a problem with the version of the trunk I used

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