Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Report #9

Weekly Report #9
Submitted on 2010-07-19
Covers 2010-07-12 to 2010-07-19

Status and Accomplishments
• support for returning structures by the addition of a special return type signature ('#')
• address translations are now exposed through RPC, so the user is able to perform translations manually
• build system modifications - DSP and GPP-side stubs are now collected from inside two directories instead of two single files
• dsp-rpc-posix branch updated to contain the latest changes in the C6Run trunk
• manual marshalling for stdio.h variadics (printf, scanf, fprintf, sprintf...)

Plans and Tasks
• implement scripted stub generation (ie, the user will provide function declarations and the corresponding GPP and DSP-side stubs will be generated by a script)
• complete architectural documentation
• expand library of RPC examples to illustrate use-cases with different function signatures

Risks, issues, blockers
• since there is no general way of extracting the number and size of parameters in variadic functions (eg, one function may only specify the number of args as the first fixed parameter and accept only integer args, while another may take a zero-argument as a terminator of a number of float args, and yet another may use printf-style encoding), we can't implement a generic marshaller for variadics. for this reason, support for user-defined variadics is left out for now, although users writing their own variadic functions isn't very common and this is not expected to become an issue.

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